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What would happen when AI+Education? Check it out


Artificial intelligence has transformed the development of schools, and will have a significant impact on many areas, including the transformation of student learning organizations, student learning methods, teaching methods, the reorganization of learning resources and teaching resources, and the reconstruction of learning environments and learning spaces. 

Shanghai Municipal Commision of Economy and Informatization took the lead in putting the "AI + education" application scene into practical application in Shanghai and achieved practical results. Recently, journalists from different platforms are organized to go to the Shanghai University of Sport to conduct interviews. In Shanghai University of Sport, Pangbot, a pingpong robot independently developed by SIASUN, is now a table tennis instructor at the Shanghai University of Sport, showing the audience his ability. 

Pangbot displayed was the first generation. After the technical iteration and the enhancement of artificial intelligence algorithms, the second generation of Pangbot showed more powerful learning and confrontation capabilities. It has high-speed binocular stereo vision, trajectory prediction algorithm, intelligent return strategy and other core technologies, and can achieve multiple rounds of table tennis with people, its artificial intelligence algorithm can provide a platform and massive data for subsequent in-depth research. At the moment of the opponent's serving, Pongbot conducts a "brainstorm" high-speed analysis. Based on a high-speed distributed binocular stereo vision system with a speed of up to 4 milliseconds, and the initial flight trajectory of table tennis, the artificial intelligence algorithm is used to perform a high accuracy of the entire flight trajectory and forecast the position, speed, and time information of the drop point and hit point within milliseconds. The accuracy of the spot prediction is as high as 2cm, and the overall situation can be grasped at all times. 

At the same time, Pangbot is also a fast learner. He is the best student and the best teacher. This is also the aspect that the school wants to break through even more. It is to use the powerful learning ability of robots, adapting to different ways of hitting, and then train students in different ways to achieve the purpose of teaching each other, and promote the improvement of students 'table tennis skills. 

As a strategic partner of the China Table Tennis Institute of the Shanghai University of Sport, SIASUN will continue to use artificial intelligence algorithms to strengthen learning, cultivate this "special student", and use advanced science and technology to help more future table tennis students improve their training patterns and to promote China's smart sports.


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