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2019 China International Robot Exhibition coming! Three minutes to learn new skills of SIASUN cobot


On July 10th, the China International Robot Exhibition officially opened. At the 8.1 C100 booth, SIASUN brought two collaborative robot applications for the 3C industry practical application scenario, providing a more intuitive solution to the 3C industry's manufacturing problems. There are also more smart factory system solutions and wonderful and interesting human-robot interactions on the scene to show the smart from the factory to the life. 

Zhang Kelin, Vice President of the China Machinery Industry Federation, Qudaokui, Chairman of the China Robotics Industry Alliance, President of SIASUN Group, and Song Xiaogang, Executive Chairman of the China Robotics Industry Alliance visited. 

SIASUN Cobot, Leading 3C Manufacturing

Transformation With the complexity of the demand for mass consumer electronics, the updating of products is changing rapidly, and the 3C industry's demand for intelligent manufacturing is also expanding. In thinking about how to increase the return on investment of production equipment and achieve efficient production, the cooperative robot that can quickly adapt to the production environment of the 3C industry has entered the vision of the terminal manufacturing company. 

The two collaborative robot applications brought about by this show their new skills acquired by combining visual systems and hardware accesories. 

Following and grasping 

The following grab unit of two SCR5 collaboration robots shows the perfect collaboration. 

In addition to "eye affirmation", they also have "telepathy." Sorting and grabbing is an important part in industrial production. The speed and labor cost of traditional artificial methods can not meet the needs of the intelligent manufacturing. The introduction of vision system into the industrial robots will become the mainstream of this production field. 

The SIASUN SCR5 collaboration robot uses visual system to identify and sort the moving blocks on the assembly line. One robot grabs the workpiece and places it in disorder on the conveyor line, and the other one precisely captures it, and placed in the tray orderly. In addition to the repeatability of ± 0.02 mm, the matching and coordination of the visual recognition system and the moving object is also an important reason why the robot can catch precisely on a dynamic product line. 

This application can make the robot grab faster, more flexible, and more accurately on the production line in actual production, and can be applied to more flexible production lines. It will greatly increase the efficiency of line sorting, reduce labor costs, and improve the classification and accuracy. 

Force control assembly 

This SCR5 collaboration robot completed the assembly of the PCB alone. 

In a complex environment, the robot will set the compression wire of the CPU chip aside, take the memory bar through a customized air claw clamp, inserting it into the slot of the PCB and lock it. 

In small and medium-sized enterprises, the advantages of collaborative robots will be particularly prominent in the complex and narrow working space. They will occupy a small area and can be rapidly deployed and switched. They will have small changes to the surrounding environment and sensitive collision detection, which can ensure the safety of the surrounding personnel. Furthermore, it is easy to operate and easy to use with low threshold for use.


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