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SIASUN held a seminar on the


On November 23, 2018, SIASUN held a seminar on the "Application of Cooperative Robots in the Automobile Industry" in Ford. At the seminar, it is mainly introduced that the collaborative robots that can be used in power assemblies, assembly and battery factories. The research and development needs of collaborative robot in automobile industry are discussed.

Nanjing Ford, Ford Automotive Engineering Research(Nanjing) Co., Ltd., as one of the six major centers for Ford's global production and technology development, undertakes to support the introduction and development of Ford products throughout the Asia-Pacific and African regions; Ford's Nanjing research and development center also has Ford's manufacturing engineering division in the Asia-Pacific and African regions, leading vehicle and engine manufacturing projects in countries including China, Thailand, India, Australia and South Africa.

Prior to this seminar, SIASUN investigated the power assembly factories, assembly factories, and battery factories of the current mainstream automobile brand to understand the operation methods, operation processes, and details of different positions in different workshops. In the assembly, coating, power, engine assembly, and cylinder head assembly workshops, there are a large number of screw, spray, upper and lower materials, grinding and other parts. These processes are just what the collaborative robot can do well.


At the meeting, Mr. Liweiling, the head of Product Application Department of SIASUN, introduced in detail the solutions of collaborative robot applications in different positions, including specific implementation methods, cycle time, and economic issues. He said: "The current collaborative robot is still in its infancy. Compared with traditional industrial robots, it has advantages such as lightweight, flexible, and be able to collaborate. It is particularly suitable for deployment in labor-intensive workshops to complete some simple, repetitive and physically harmful work for workers, improving factory production efficiency and automation. "

Speech by Mr. Liweiling

After the seminar, the representatives of SIASUN also took the manager in charge of the Nanjing Ford to visit the application display of SIASUN and experience SIASUN's single-arm collaborative robot SCR5 and hubrid robot HSCR5.


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