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May 10 is the fourth Chinese brand day, and Qu Daokui, the founder and president of SIASUN Group, the top ten annual brand of China's strong brand in 2019 and the chairman of SIASUN, was invited to visit CCTV China Brand Day A large-scale special live event-the special program "SIASUN Order after resumption ", shared a series of topics with many Chinese brand enterprise leaders, such as online SIASUN's active assistance in anti-epidemic, resumption of production and resumption of operations, as well as insights and reflections on Chinese brands. Empower the Chinese economy with the power of the brand.

In the live broadcast, Dr. Qu Daokui published the "Resume Order" of SIASUN, telling about SIASUN's efforts and role in fighting the epidemic, resuming production, pulling the industrial chain, helping new infrastructure, layout and upgrading new industries, and forming new kinetic energy.

3C field automation upgrade, large-load collaborative robots help improve quality and efficiency

The server intelligent manufacturing pilot production line project is a large order for SIASUN after resumption from  the epidemic. The server's digital intelligent workshop involves dozens of large-payload collaborative robots GCR20-1100 and GCR14-1400, intelligent assembly lines, MES systems, three-dimensional warehouses and AGVs independently developed by SIASUN, which realizes large-scale intelligent production in the factory through visual Guide to complete the assembly of multi-spec CPU, motherboard, memory and other components, which can achieve flexible production in small batches and multiple batches. The degree of automation of the workshop is among the best in the field of domestic PC server production.

Among them, Zhongke Xinsong's GCR20 and GCR14 products used in the workshop not only continue the compact and flexible characteristics of the multi-collaborable robot series products, but also have a dead weight of only tens of KG, and can also be guaranteed to be achieved under 14KG and 20KG load With repeated positioning accuracy of ± 0.05mm, the "little" figure contains "huge" energy.

As heavy-duty robots, they also have the conditions and safety guarantee to work with people. For flexible production and consumer fields, they effectively cover various flexible application scenarios of large-load collaborative robots.

Pompott's table tennis serve robot debuts, creating artificial intelligence + robot industry integration

During the epidemic, the M-ONE, a Pangbert table tennis serving robot jointly developed by Xinsong Robot and China Table Tennis Academy, was officially launched. Through artificial intelligence algorithms and highly humanoid mechanical mechanisms, M-ONE can simulate coaches ’ball feeding in table tennis training, and feedback real-time feedback data and quality to help trainers understand their level more intuitively while reducing The coach's energy consumption.

Its introduction not only changed the training method of athletes, but also further subverted the presentation of table tennis events, and has been applied in batches in high-level sports colleges in the country. Teacher Deng Yaping also said that when confronting Pompon against robots, with robots, it may greatly shorten the training period of a world champion.

What is more exciting is that the table tennis serve robot M-ONE may be able to affect everyone's life. At present, the most commonly used scenario for robots is in the manufacturing industry. For example, we are talking about industrial empowerment in new infrastructure, and robots are used to improve production efficiency. The emergence of Pombert has brought us new possibilities. It can be directly applied to various public places, create entertainment scenes, stimulate the leisure economy, and give places new consumption growth points, which will be triggered on social media. Propagation effect.

When the intelligent robot industry further develops, Xinsong will produce a series of cross-dimensional transmission effects-enterprises gradually develop from the industrial field to the field that benefits people's livelihood, as the boundaries of the first, second and third industries become more and more Blurred, like the Pompon serve robot is the most direct technology-enabled manufacturing industry, and it is also a manifestation of the continuous integration of the three major industries of entertainment projects.

At the end of the show, the host could not help but sigh: "Under the pressure of the new crown epidemic, Xinsong's resumption of work order reflects the tone of the entire Chinese economic industry upgrade-the first, second and third industries are constantly integrating Including brands are constantly superimposing and borrowing from each other. We are also very much looking forward to seeing the breakthrough of more local companies in such a largest robot market in China, creating more world-leading robot brands. "

After the entire epidemic, the adjustment of China's entire industrial structure began to accelerate, and the manufacturing model will undergo major changes. It is precisely a very good opportunity for the development of robots, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent equipment. Under such a large background, as the international headquarters of Xinsong Robot Group, Zhongke Xinsong must seize the opportunities of the times, insist on independent innovation, and use the scientific and technological spirit, national spirit and struggle spirit as the sword to help improve the quality and growth of the Chinese economy. , Let the world see China's intellectual creation!

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