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The first batch of SIASUN mask product line was put into use


In the past period of time, SIASUN  Industrial Base was brightly lit for almost 24 hours. If you turn around here, you will find that in addition to daily production line debugging and robot assembly testing, the hundreds of square meters of area separately created by the automatic flat mask production line and the number of boxes The boxes of spared parts are filled, the non-woven fabric is being fed to the production line at a uniform speed, and the welding equipment is constantly running up and down, making a "click" sound after another.

Everyone works together to overcome difficulties

A few days ago, the first batch of fully automatic plane mask production line of SIASUN was officially launched. In just three weeks, the SIASUN team completed the whole process from design, procurement to assembly and adjustment. In order to solve the problem of mask production as soon as possible, the whole team completed technical research day and night. Although SIASUN has extensive experience in the field of non-standard automation system solutions, we still have to overcome many difficulties to design and produce the mask production line in such a short time。

The first issue to tackle is that due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of personnel returning to work is very limited, which puts a lot of pressure on the project. After consideration, although the selected elite team has only 10 people, but in order to ensure the smoothness and efficiency of the epidemic prevention task, they didn't leave the company in half a step and worked 24 hours to ensure that any problems can be solved at any time. During this time, the company became their temporary home.

Supply out of stock, support from different sides

At the same time, the delayed resumption of the upstream supply chain brought about a large out of stock. Therefore, the procurement team adjusted and developed other supply channels in a timely manner, while also ensuring the quality of the supply channels. It was commonplace for the phone to ring until the early hours.

The Shanghai Economic and Information Commission learned about the difficulties encountered by SIASUN in the supply chain and actively coordinated the supply of spare parts and raw materials by relevant upstream enterprises in Shanghai. The upstream strategic partners of SIASUN also actively responded to supply needs. The arrival of these solid quality parts made the team feel safe and also planted a good start for the smooth commissioning of the production line.

Despite life and death, how can we take step back when the country needs us. As a leading company in the robot industry in China, SIASUN knows the huge demand for masks from the society. We are at the source of production, and we should shoulder our responsibility at this special period. With  the combination of solid science and technology, mature craft experience, solidarity and support from all sides, we have the ability and confidence to be able to sound the horn of victory and usher in the spring.


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