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Celebrate for the 70th birthday of China, SIASUN collaborative robot showed its piano play on the Tian'anmen Square


To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, grand military parades and mass demonstrations were held in Beijing. With patriotic feeling bursting into celebration, in the mass procession with the theme of "Concentric Building a Chinese Dream", about 100,000 people from all walks of life went in the parade from East to west along Chang 'an Avenue . Together with the entire Chinese people, we witnessed the 70-year journey of the motherland from "founding a nation to start a business" to "reform and opening up" and "great rejuvenation." The large-scale display of a fully equipped float has enabled the world to appreciate China style.

In Tiananmen Square in Beijing, SIASUN was able to impress people with the dual-arm collaborative.  Together with two small pianists.  It used its arms he performed an ensemble of "I and My Motherland". The melody was melodious. It touches the hearts of every Chinese on the scene and in front of the TV. 

The robot stood in the middle of two small pianists, moved flexibly over the piano keyboard with two arms like humans, and gently tapped a moving and smooth movement with his fingertips. This is not only the tacit understanding between humans and robots. It is the resonance and collision of the three Chinese hearts. Modern art and artificial intelligence are fully integrated at this moment, demonstrating the dawn of technology that changes the future.

Thousands of miles away at the new pine international headquarters, many colleagues from the Shanghai area gathered to watch the parade, and some brought home their children, so that children can truly cultivate, understand and practice patriotism. All people's hearts are closely linked by their love for the motherland, and they are extremely proud of their blessings for the motherland.

In 2014, General Secretary Xi talked at the Academician's Conference of the CSA and CEA: "Robots are the 'pearls at the top of the manufacturing crown' and their R&D, manufacturing, and application are important indicators of a country's scientific and technological innovation and high-end manufacturing." Over the years, SIASUN has been pushing China's industries to become bigger and stronger with advanced technologies with its own leading China's high-end technology. Using cross-border integration, synergy, and facing the era of wisdom, SIASUN people are breaking through technology bottlenecks and breaking industry shackles with their own spirit of seeking solutions, and pushing high-tech products that contain Chinese wisdom to the world! The prosperity of science and technology is national prosperity, and the strength of science and technology is strong in the country.
To build a world scientific and technological power, it is necessary to fulfill the initial intention and mission of science and technology to serve the country. The performance is a tribute to the motherland by SIASUN with the strength of scientific and technological innovation, and it is also a glorious mission of SIASUN. SIASUN will stick to this initial heart, using patriotism, innovation, and truth-seeking spirit to achieve more technological breakthroughs, to integrate emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, to develop Chinese intelligent robots, and to be the leader of science and technology innovation in the new era to stand for the Chinese robots on the world stage!

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