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SIASUN Pongbot launched on the 2017 CIIF


On the 2017 CIIF, a variety of collaborative robot products shown in the Fair site brought to the audience a robot world! An artificial intelligence table tennis robot developed by SIASUN and the Shanghai University of Sport in China Table Tennis Institute, Pongbot, has just won the Silver Award for innovative products of 2017 CIIF and held a new product launching conference on the first day of the Fair. In addition to the eye-catching publicity film exposure, table tennis performances between human and machine were also on show, which attracted a large number of audience. 

The artificial intelligence Pingpong robot Pongbot, which can be used in training, is a lightweight robot with high-speed binocular stereo vision, with table tennis trajectory prediction algorithm and intelligent return strategy. While holding multiple rounds of table tennis game with you, you can also "secretly" collect the competitive data for the in-depth study of artificial intelligence technology. Ding Ning, one of the world champions also played against "it". 

In addition, SIASUN brought a series of collaborative robots, including hubrid cobot, single-arm collaborative robots and other new products to show the audience. Taking the personalized customization of the fingertip gyro as an example, from the color selection of gyro to packaging assembly to distribution, AR technology is perfectly combined with the robot control information system, and the simple, efficient and image-oriented operation and application of is realized by SIASUN's enhancing reality technology. 

The demonstration project is also equipped with an AR technical inspection system, and inspectors can monitor the production status of all machines on the production line in real time by wearing AR glasses. The inspector can make real-time judgment on the running state and fault diagnosis of the machine through intuitive data prompt. 

You can also see a real-time data acquisition and analysis system. This is a set of protocol conversion, data acquisition, information control and other multifunctional industrial application platform. It can improve the interactive ability of manufacturing enterprises to control information and manage information, thus helping traditional enterprises to unveil the potential of existing resources. The integration upgrade of old equipment in small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises is cheaper and more efficient, and it can promote the development process of Chinese enterprises. Dozens of media are reporting Pongbot.


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