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SIASUN Lingang Industrial Base was formally put into use


Last week, SIASUN Lingang industrial base which took 2 years to build held a grand opening ceremony with the theme of " Gather together and Set the sail" , marking the official opening of SIASUN industrial base in Shanghai. T

he industrial base is located in the Lingang Area, Pudong New District in Shanghai and covers an area of about 200 acres. It took two years and support frommany sides According to SIASUN Group's internationalization strategy adjustment in 2013 and chose to establish an international headquarters in Shanghai. 

In July of the same year, it officially signed a contract with Jinqiao Group in Shanghai, marking the official start of the preparation of the international headquarters. In May 2014, SIASUN Co.,Ltd. was formally established in Shanghai. In December 2015, the construction of the Lingang Industrial Base began. After two years, the base was officially opened last week with the efforts and efforts of every employee of the company, and the government, enterprises and other sectors of cooperation support. 

Focus on a new generation of intelligent robots and self-innovation 

Lingang Base is mainly used for the trial and production of new robot products and core components. Robot products mainly include single-arm collaborative robot, dual-arm cooperative robot, hybrid cobot. At the same time, a new generation of automated flexible production lines will be built to product a new generation of intelligent robot products independently developed by SIASUN. 

In addition to the production and testing of robot products, the base can also provide industrial 4.0 system solutions, carry out integrated planning, design and assembly of digital factory, integrating core manufacturing technology development, process flow research and system planning. 

Gather together to witness historical moments 

At the opening ceremony, Qu Daokui, the president of SIASUN, chairman of the China Robotics Industry Alliance, Wang Tianran, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chen Jie, the Standing Committee of the Pudong Party Committee, Party Secretary and executive deputy director of the Lingang Administrative Committee, delivered their speeches. At the same time, the ceremony also carried out the opening ceremony of the SIASUN Robot and Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and the SIASUN Industry 4.0 Comprehensive Research Institute, as well as the unveiling of the Lingang Intelligent Robot Industrialization Demonstration Base. The launch also received a number of media attention, preempting the headlines at the start of 2018. 

Pursue excellence to lead industry development 

The opening of Lingang Industrial Base is an important historical moment for SIASUN Group. The official opening of SIASUN Lingang Industrial Base means that SIASUN has taken a big step in the production and research and development of a new generation of intelligent robot products. The base will become one of the important image of SIASUN to the world, making SIASUN intelligent robot products and industrial 4.0 system solutions more convenient for global manufacturing companies. Standing at a new starting point, SIASUN will use its innovative scientific research strength to lead the development of Chinese robots and go to the world, with a greater mission and responsibility to set sail farther and wider ahead.


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