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SIASUN was selected as one of the first batch of recommended intelligent manufacturing system suppliers in Shanghai


On the afternoon of February 5th, the Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing Promotion Conference and the founding meeting of the Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association were held. Chenmingbo, Director of the Shanghai Municipal Commision of Economy and Informatization, Qianfeng, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Xuhonghai, expert of the National Intelligent Manufacturing Experts Advisory Committee and others attended the meeting.
At the conference, it was announced Shanghai's first batch of 18 intelligent manufacturing system recommended suppliers ,including SIASUN, which were selected after experts evaluated and reviewed four aspects of growth, demonstration, integrity, and innovation.
SIASUN has always been committed to providing enterprises with personalized solutions for professional intelligent manufacturing systems, using its own series of robot products, and relying on the core technology of the digital smart factory to create exclusive solutions for the special needs of enterprises to help the enterprise solve the predicament and realize the unique intelligent manufacturing.
In the new year, SIASUN will, as always, respond positively to the Shanghai government's policy on "Made in Shanghai" brands, giving full play to its technological and innovative advantages. We will make full use of Shanghai's regional resources, human resources, industrial resources, and capital advantages in the field of intelligent manufacturing in China, and fully promote the development of the domestic intelligent manufacturing industry.

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