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SIASUN collaborated with BASF and developed PLAScobot


At the 2018 CHINAPLAS , which opened on April 26, the world chemical industry leader BASF launched PLASCObot, a plastic collaboration robot developed in cooperation with SIASUN. 

This robot integrates the collaborative robot technology independently developed by SIASUN with the advanced new material developed by BASF, of which robot mobility, energy efficiency, design freedom, and operational safety are all enhanced. In order to meet the continuous improvement of the Chinese market flexible manufacturing needs. 

The new generation of PLASCOBOT is more sophisticated and can work well in relatively narrow spaces. Since plastic can be molded, this helps to optimize the amount of material used, further reduce the size of the robot, and the energy consumption is reduced accordingly. 

As a leading robot company in the world, SIASUN has always been at the forefront of the industry for the consideration of materials for the collaborative robot series. The rapid development of the collaborative robot series will also bring more opportunities for cooperation between the two sides. This time, in collaboration with BASF, SIASUN have explored more possibilities for the combination of new robots and new materials. In the future, there will be amazing product, Let's wait and see!


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