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SIASUN Collaborative Robot and AI techonology showed in Munich


On June 19th, SIASUN hybrid cobot together with AI technology showed at the 2018 Robot and Automation Technology Trade Fair in Munich, Germany. At this global fair, it demonstrated Chinese robot technology. The hybrid robot was independently developed by SIASUN. 

This time, the multi-hybrid robot synchronization technology was shown. As an enterprise with core independent robot technology, SIASUN has successfully developed intelligent hybrid robots through the integration of AGV, collaborative robots, visual recognition and other technologies through a unified control platform. 

The exhibition demonstrated the innovative technology of a new intelligent manufacturing cloud platform by synchronizing the two robot arms of hybrid robots. Based on the integration of intelligent operation and intelligent logistics, this technology has realized the upgrade of intelligent manufacturing mode, relying on the cooperation and combination of manufacturing cloud control platform, artificial intelligence control platform and industrial object network data platform. 

Manufacturing cloud control platform: A central control center realizes the overall control and coordination of hybrid robots and peripheral intelligent devices, so that the traditional manufacturing model has the characteristics of digitization, networking and intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence control platform: The new artificial intelligence control platform integrates the self-developed hybrid robot motion algorithm and the real-time monitoring data of various environmental sensing devices carried, and realizes multiple repeated positioning and dynamic correction under the complex movement path and motion instructions of the two vehicles. 

Industrial Internet of Things Data Platform: By using Industry 4.0 manufacturing technology, the new intelligent manufacturing cloud platform can meet the demands of small batch, multi-variety and personalization, and realizes the full connection between human and robots, robots and robots to collect and analyze the large amount of dynamic data generated during the production process. 

In addition to the intelligent robots, the new robot-AR control technology was also stunning at the exhibition. 

Industrial robot and AR technology were independently developed by SIASUN and have been demonstrated at the 2017 World Robot Conference. This time, through the combination of AR control technology and robot, the robot teaching method has been changed, making it easier to operate robots, reducing the difficulty and threshold of human-robot cooperation, and introducing artificial intelligence into the field of industrial robots to realize upgrade and innovation of intelligent manufacturing teaching model. 

In addition to hybrid robots, other new industrial robots and intelligent service robots are also shown on the exhibitition. With the comprehensive pushing forward of "Made in China" 2025, robots will be the key point for the future development of society science and technology. SIASUN will do its utmost to promote the China robot industry, and to promote domestic intelligent manufacturing, and bring Chinese intelligence abroad to the world to lead the new era of intelligent manufacturing!


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