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The finals and awards ceremony of 2018 Creatineer took place on September 7.


The 2018 Creatineer Competition initiated and hosted by SIASUN hit the global smart technology area. After more than three months of competition, the finals and awards ceremony took place on September 7. The Creatineer, Maker and dreamer Awards were launched in Hong Kong, Qingdao and Chengdu at the same time, and were broadcast live on the global web. They brought us three exciting technological feasts. 

The competition was guided by the American Robotics Industry Association, the China Robotics Industry Alliance, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics Technology Innovation and Industrialization Alliance, and received strong support from nearly 130 industry associations, incubators, industrial parks, universities, and investment institutions around the world. The projects entering 2018 Creatineer Competition finals were only 3 % of the total number of projects. A total of 14 projects passed rigorous screening and selection at various levels to qualify for the finals. There were 5 Creatineer Awards candidates a, 5 Maker Award candidates and 4 Dreamer Awards candidates challenging the highest prize at the finals. Now let's take a look at the finals and awards ceremony that are full of future technology! 

Hong Kong- Creatineer 

The five projects in the finals of the Creatineer final were selected from more than 200 projects, covering different fields such as artificial intelligence, intelligent cloud platforms, and robots. The project teams come from all over the country, and they already have mature products, some of which are already integrated into our lives. The Creatineer final is full of the power of innovative technology.  


In the competition for the Maker Award, we saw the embryonic products of the future. Although they are not yet mature, they have taken us to the future of intelligent life. The final project covers various fields such as medicine, smart equipment, and robots. These projects may be moving forward, or may be facing bottlenecks. No matter what stage they are in, Creatineer Competition will always try to provide them with the resources they need to help them accelerate toward their dreams. 


For the Dreamer Award final in Chengdu, the Creatineer Competition is the starting point for the Road. They may have only one plan, or one thought, but their bold assumptions and ideas are appreciated by judges and mentors from three different fields: design, business, and technology. They taught us a lesson, which is that we should always have dreams. What if it comes true? 

Finally, the final score of each project was calculated by the investment organization's intention, the preliminary online voting, the final online voting, and the voting of the three categories of judges. With the announcement of the winners of the final awards and individual awards, the entire event has reached a climax, and the 2018 Creatineer Competition has also come to a perfect end. As an important member of the domestic robot field, SIASUN is committed to promoting innovation hatching in the industry. 

As an open platform opened by SIASUN, the Creatineer Competition has been facing innovation and entrepreneurship teams in all robot fields for four years. As the competition continues to expand, the Creatineer Competition will continue to discover the world's most promising entrepreneurial teams in the field of robotics and smart technology to build an open platform and provide technology, market and capital resources for them to really help robot founders realize the dream of entrepreneurship, using the power of smart technology to make human life better. 

Intelligence, innovation, technology, future, see you next year!


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