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CIIE comes! Check on this special attendant


On the evening of November 4, the first China International Import Expo banquet held in Shanghai and welcomed the distinguished guests from various countries attending the first China International Import Expo. 

In a peaceful atmosphere, SIASUN dual-arm cobot DSCR3 served as one of the "waiters" providing thoughtful services to guests from all over the world and delivered drinks. Before formally meeting with the "treasures" from various countries at the Expo on November 5th, the distinguished guests firstly met the smart technologies from China. 

Flexible and stable cooperation between human and robots 

At the banquet , DSCR3 is able to work flexibly in less than 2 square meters. After the program is started, the robot synchronizes the two hands to steadily grab the heavy glass water bottle and glass from the designated position on the left and right hand sides respectively, and complete the water pouring action, and accurately control the water volumn. When the water reaches two-thirds of the glass, DSCR3 stop pouring and place the glass and glass bottle firmly on the bar. Finally, the waiter will cooperate and send it to the guests. 

Not afraid of challenges, Take the honorable mission 

Just before the national vacation, SIASUN received the mission of the exhibition and was only a month away from the launch of the Expo. As the key member of the robot industry in China, with national honor and industry development as its own responsibility, SIASUN is duty-bound to take over this challenge and exhibited the DSCR3 that has performed well in other major exhibitions, assigning a team of engineers with excellent technology and experience in large-scale events. 

In the preparation process, the team faced many challenges. At the beginning, the project team and the reception group discussed many possible "work duties" and selected a variety of drinks such as coffee, soft drinks, and mineral water. In order to better reflect the characteristics of the Chinese and Western banquets and the cooperation with the waiters, SIASUN finally chose the solution of pouring mineral water. At the same time, the team also conducted a simulated bar construction in the laboratory to efficiently complete the preliminary preparations. The particularity of the application scenario also brings about technical challenges. First, in order to entry and fit the area, the team adjusted the robot base and workbench overnight to adapt to the environment. Secondly, thestability problembrought bycarpet material is also a major problem, the team found the problem and dealt with it timely. 

During the debugging of the weeks before the banquet, the team constantly adjusted the program to allow the robot to accurately determine the water volumn and perceive changes in the weight, and to optimize the path through continuous testing, making sure the robot can have the best performance on the banquet and grab the drink steadily and accurately without any mistakes. In terms of appearance, the team also designed a lovely waiter bow tie for the robot, which is more Shanghai style. 

Collaborate for a promising future 

This time, dual-arm cobot DSCR3 can participate in the banquet as a robot representative of China's self-developed robot. With precise control and flexible actions, it has conquered VIP guests from all over the world and successfully completed the important tasks of the Expo, demonstrating China's strong technology, as well as SIASUN's leadership in the Chinese robotics industry. 

After the exhibition is over, DSCR3 will return to its actual job and be applied to various manufacturing circumstances in the 3C, automobile and other industries. We will provide users with fast, safe, flexible, precise and efficient assembly solutions such as spinning and positioning, provide users with more integrated and flexible solutions, and provide users with a more free and open development environment, promote human-machine cooperation, and improve production efficiency to achieve Chinese intelligent manufacturing. 

As an important event on the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, the China International Import Expo is a major decision made by China to promote a new round of high-level opening-up. It is a major initiative by China to open its markets to the rest of the world. We will actively implement the national strategy for the development of science and technology as a business card made in China to represent the Chinese robotics industry in the world.


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