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Two SIASUN cobot products were selected for Shanghai artificial intelligence innovation products


On December 13, the Municipal Economic and Social Affairs Commission issued a list of Shanghai's artificial intelligence innovative products list. DSCR3, a dual-arm collaborative robot independently developed by SIASUN, and Pangbot, the second-generation Pingpon robot of SIASUN, were selected as the first batch of Shanghai artificial intelligence innovative products. 

In combination with AR technology, the dual-arm collaborative robot has participated in many important international exhibitions such as WAIC, CIIE, CIIF,etc, increasing interaction and collaboration between human and robot, and enhancing the sense of experience. In the actual operation of industry, combined with virtual reality technology, the operator can clearly and intuitively see the status information of the robot's production, which reduces the technical threshold of traditional mechanical operations and coding, etc., and directly enable people to collaborate with the robot to improve factory efficiency, flexibility, and reliability. 

Dual-arm Cooperative Robot Attendant on CIIE 

SIASUN's second-generation Pingpong robot, Pongbot, is a training robot developed by SIASUN and China Table Tennis Institution. As a combination of artificial intelligence and robot, Pongbot has a high-speed binocular stereo vision system, a lightweight high-speed robot structure, and an artificial intelligence learning algorithm. It can accurately predict the location of the landing point based on the artificial intelligence in-depth learning algorithm. and make intelligent formulation of return strategy. In the process of constantly playing against people, they have made progress with human table tennis players together.

SIASUN second-generation Pingpong robot Pongbot in 2018 WAIC 

SIASUN will continue to make efforts in the field of artificial intelligence, explore innovation, deepen research and development capabilities, apply new technologies to new scenes, and complete more intelligent manufacturing and smart living needs.


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