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SIASUN Collaborative Robot got the Certificate of Shanghai Hi-tech Achievement Transformation Project


SCR5 is officially recognized as Shanghai high-tech achievement transformation project!

SCR5 collaborative robot is an intelligent collaborative robot independently developed by SIASUN. It has independent intellectual property rights and has achieved innovative technological breakthroughs in the field of advanced manufacturing and automation technology, forming six patents, of which four invention patents have entered the actual trial stage and 2 patents for utility models, all of which have been authorized.

In terms of product performance, SIASUN collaborative robots can achieve a repeatability of ± 0.02 mm, which is higher than the average of similar products in the market and reaches the international level. The balanced self-load ratio allows the robot to have the characteristics of easy deployment, lightweight. It can also be rapidly deployed in a space limited circumstance to complete complex tasks. Its collision detection and traction teaching functions ensure the safety of the staff who cooperate with it, and reduce the difficulty and cost of teaching.

After two years of continuous demonstration, trial and test, SIASUN has completed the development of key technologies for collaborative robots. Through the iteration of multiple rounds of products and a series of trial testing, it has reached the technical targets for the industrialization of collaborative robots. At the end of 2017, it obtained CR certification and CE certification, and won the most innovative product award at the 2018 World Robot Conference.

PCB Handling

3D Visual Sorting

Gear Assembly

At present, SIASUN collaborative robots have been tested in many industries such as automobiles, automotive parts, 3C, and medical care, and have been unanimously affirmed by customers. At the same time, the core technology of collaborative robot has been applied to dual-arm cooperative robot, hybrid robot and Pingpong robot. The high-tech achievements transformation project is a high recognition of the innovation and technical level of SIASUN collaborative robot, which gives the us a driving force for continuous development and continuous progress.

As a leading company in China's robotics industry, SIASUN will demand itself with higher technical standards and move forward to a new intelligent era in which robots and humans can work with each other harmoniously.


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