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In the first batch of national "special and new" giant enterprises publicized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the four special indicators of economic efficiency, specialization, innovation ability, and management were evaluated by local recommendations, expert review, and social publicity. SIASUN was selected as the first batch of the "Special and New" giant enterprise with the leading product of collaborative robots!

Since 2015, the first SIASUN Collaborative Robot has been launched. In just four years, SIASUN Collaborative Robots with different loads from 3 kg to 20 kg have formed a complete product series with an accuracy of ± 0.02 mm, reaching the international advanced level, and obtaining a number of patents.

In 2018, SIASUN Collaborative Robot achieved the high-tech transformation project qualification . The dual-arm collaborative robot DSCR3 was selected as the first batch of Shanghai's artificial intelligence innovative products , and the HSCR5 hybrid robot won the Gold Award of Shanghai Outstanding Invention. All the honors and certifications have proved the strength and achievement of SIASUN Collaborative Robot series products in the industry.

Based on customer needs, the different collaborative robot product series of SIASUN can meet the application needs of different circumstances and cover a number of industries with increasing demand for smart manufacturing such as 3C, electronics and automobiles,etc, mainly including screw assembly, material selection, visual inspection, coating, upper and lower materials, stacking and other manufacturing parts.

Taking the 3C electronics industry as an example, due to the strict requirements of its process and product quality, it is necessary to manually perform various functions such as optical, signal, and electrical performance testing during product production and assembly. Deploying collaborative robots can liberate workers from this monotonous work, and the speed of the robot can also ensure the production rhythm. Take the cobot SCR 5 as an example, the maximum speed at the end can reach 2m/s. In addition, collaborative robots can also carry detection devices for signal detection and scanning.

In material selection, collaborative robots with 3D vision or flexible grips can perfectly solve the problem of irregular components in the 3C industry. In the application scene of glue, the collaboration robot can carry the glue device, evenly out the glue, and the rubber coating trajectory can also be set in advance, and is no longer limited to the plane. In addition, in the 3C industry, collaborative robots can also perform tasks in a limited space in the material handling and stacking.

In the past few years, SIASUN Collaborative Robots have also repeatedly emerged as representatives of Chinese robots at major international exhibitions, competing with outstanding companies from home and abroad on the same stage, and spoke out for China. SIASUN is focusing on market segmentation in the area of collaborative robot, constantly improving innovation capabilities, enhancing core competitiveness, playing an exemplary role in improving business management and product quality. It has become a leading company that has core technologies and excellent quality and efficiency, and will continue to exert its efforts to help the rapid development of Chinese robots and to realize innovative development.


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