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SIASUN held a launching press conference of series of new products such as dual-arm collaborative robots and hybrid robots.


On November 1, 2016, the annual China International Industrial Expo was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).
On the first day of the 2016 CIIF, as China's largest robot enterprise, SIASUN held a launching press conference of series of new products such as dual-arm collaborative robots and hybrid robots. The booth was crowded with people and became a hit on the first day of the exhibition.
The dual-arm collaborative robot developed by SIASUN at the exhibition won the Gold Medal of Industrial Design. It is the first dual-arm cooperative robot in China with flexible 7-axis robotics technology and movable binocular vision system. It has the characteristics of high flexibility, safety, autonomous obstacle avoidance, and easy deployment. Real-time indepth information and three-dimensional reconstruction based on the movable Bionic binocular vision system. Robot control system are integrated in the robot body without external control boxes. At the same time,  it can achieve rapid, safe, flexible, accurate, efficient screw, positioning and other assembly solutions.
The hybrid robot introduced this time is the first hybrid robot with flexible multi-joint robotic arm and active visual navigation system independently developed by SIASUN. It is based on the comprehensive application of AGV, collaborative robots, visual recognition and other technologies. It can be quickly deployed in automatic factory, warehouse sorting, and automated supermarkets to achieve automatic material handling, item loading and unloading, and material sorting. Diversified navigation configuration can meet the flexible, efficient and low-cost navigation layout in the factory.
At the press conference, the dual-arm collaboration robot and hybrid cobot interacted with actors to perform a cool robot dance, while the dual-arm cooperation robot performed a perfect installation demonstration of the drone propeller. The light-load hybrid robot moves flexibly to detect and complete the precise seal on a specific position of the playing card. Through vivid application demonstration, high flexibility, high accuracy, high security and high flexibility product characteristics of two new products are fully explained.
As the practitioner and promoter of China's manufacturing 2025, SIASUN has been constantly pushing forward new products and products with advanced technology and strong innovation ability to lead the development of China's robotics industry.

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