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SIASUN signed strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai University of Sport to promote Smart Sports


On March 5th, SIASUN signed a contract with the Shanghai University of Sport on a multi-directional and deep-seated strategic cooperation in the future. It aims to deepen the intelligent robot technology into the field of sports, optimize the athlete training mode through robots and artificial intelligence technology, and promote the development of sports industry. 

Wangxingfang, Vice President of Shanghai University of Sport, Shi Zhihao, President of China Table Tennis Institute of Shanghai University of Sport, Renjie, Vice President of China Table Tennis Institute of Shanghai University of Sport, Yangluo, President of SIASUN Co.,Ltd, and Xunan, Vice President of SIASUN Co.,Ltd attended the signing ceremony and reached a friendly cooperation. 

Shanghai University of Sport has China's first-rate professional teaching resources and advanced teaching concepts in the sports industry. It has provided a strong supporting environment for SIASUN‘’s robot research and development. SIASUN will use rich experience in robot research and development, as well as advanced robotics and automation and innovation technology in the field. The integration of various technologies into the sports field will further expand its application scene and market to promote smart sports. 

In the past two years, Pongbot, a table tennis robot jointly developed by SIASUN and China Table Tennis Institute of Shanghai University of Sport, has attracted extensive attention from all walks of life and media exposure. 

In the future, the two sides will work together through strategic cooperation, integrate high-end intelligent robot products and advanced teaching resources through the complementarity of 2 sides and promote smart sports. By using artificial intelligence technology, SIASUN aims to optimize the training model of athletes and to promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and the intellectualization of sports industry.


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