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Various new products showed on 2015 CIIE


The SIASUN exhibition booth 4.1 H Hall A102 was crowded of people. Following the launch of new products held at the venue of the fair yesterday, SIASUN made its debut in a number of cutting-edge robot products, the smart service robot restaurant, smart warehouse robots, smart 3D printing equipment, etc.. Once again, it attracted the attention of another group of audience.

First of all, once again revisit our new flexible collaborative robot in the event of the new product to bring us surprise and shock!

Tai Chi Performance

A mechanical dance performance

The first light phase of the new products of the workshop, as well as our intelligent wall painting robot. Look! It is overcoming the trouble to demonstrate the wall painting operation.

The drone customized according to the needs of customers has also come to the exhibition to show the wisdom of SIASUN!

Intelligent service robot theme restaurant exhibition area has also become a highlight of this exhibition! The dining-robot, welcoming robot, and explaining robot in the smart restaurant serve guests with a smile. They are lovely and flexible and are very popular with everyone.

The intelligent warehouse robot, which has a true "shelf to person" mode of work, demonstrated the shelf allocation dynamically at the exhibition site, lifting shelves full of goods and moving them quickly and smoothly to the designated location.

In addition to these new robots, SIASUN also brought smart 3D printing devices to this exhibition, next to the booth, prints out of various model samples.

The Delta robot, known for its precision, speed, and rigidity, brings you a wonderful game of playing Gophers, allowing you to experience its product charm at close range.


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