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SIASUN and Shanghai University achieved strategic cooperation


On the morning of May 15th, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between SIASUN and Shanghai University was successfully held at the Lehu Building of Shanghai University. The signing ceremony was attended by Wangmin, Vice President of Shanghai University, Professor Fangminglun of Shanghai University, President Qu Daokui of SIASUN Robot&Automation Co., Ltd., and Vice President YangLuo of SIASUN Co., Ltd. and other relevant leaders. B

ased on the principle of serving the society and promoting each other, the two sides have established in-depth cooperation in production, education, research, personnel training, and scientific and technological innovation. The two sides will focus on collaborative innovation platform, key technology research and development, joint application of scientific research and development projects and industrial promotion, and exert their respective advantages in such areas as intelligent manufacturing equipment and systems, robots and their key components, intelligent control, digital design, modeling and simulation. 

The strong alliance between SIASUN and Shanghai university will help train high-level talents in intelligent manufacturing and robotics, thus effectively establishing a platform for high-end academic cooperation. At the same time, the two sides will be guided by the actual needs of the market, support and promote the research and accumulation of related core technologies in the direction of intelligent robots, and form a positive interactive innovation.


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