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The representative of enterprises in Jinqiao


On the morning of April 27, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone expansion area was unveiled in the Pudong New District. In addition to the original comprehensive bonded area, the Lujiazui Financial Area (including the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, the Expo Development Zone), the Jinqiao Development Zone, and the Zhangjiang High-Tech Zone were officially opened, indicating a new stage in the construction of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

Jinqiao Area is an important advanced functional core functional area, a productive service industry cluster area, a strategic emerging industry leading area and an ecological industrial demonstration area in Shanghai. Here, we will focus on innovative government management and financial systems, create a trade facilitation business environment, and foster strategic emerging industries that can represent the country in international competition, and continuously enhance the vitality and innovation of economic development. 

As a representative company of the Jinqiao Free Trade Zone, SIASUN acccepted a live broadcast interview of Finance and Economics reporters on the morning of the 27th.  Yang Luo, vice president of SIASUN, accepted an exclusive interview. He said that in 2015, SIASUN officially started its overseas capital operation. The financial policy of the Free Trade Zone will provide a favorable financing platform, which will help SIASUN's global development and enhance SIASUN's competitiveness in the international market.

As a new headquarters of SIASUN Group in Shanghai, which integrates international operations, production, learning and research, SIASUN is committed to exploring global markets and capital operations. SIASUN, as a key enterprise in the Jinqiao, will enjoy the benefits of the reform of the Free Trade Zone. As a free trade zone, Jinqiao is benefiting from the introduction of low-cost overseas funds and talents, which will bring substantial benefits to the capital operation of SIASUN.

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