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As a combination of AI and robot, he picks up another honor


As a national sport in China, table tennis is deeply loved by Chinese people. In the international arena, national tennis players also show the charm and strength of Chinese table tennis. As a benchmark company in the robotics industry and a strategic partner of the China Table Tennis Institute of the Shanghai University of Sport, SIASUN is committed to improving modern table tennis training models through science and technology, combining mature robot technology with innovative artificial intelligence algorithms to cultivate more professional players. "He"-SIASUN intelligent table tennis training robot Pangbot came into being. The table-tennis star recently won Silver Medal of Shanghai Excellent Innovation after winning awards such as the Silver Award in 2017 Industrial Fair Innovation and first batch of Shanghai Artificial Intelligence innovative products.

As a new generation , the 2nd generation of Pangbot has a high-speed stereo binocular vision system. A pair of sharp "big eyes" can capture and record the high-speed table tennis track in real time. The equipped artificial intelligence algorithm platform can conduct in-depth learning based on massive trajectory data. In real-time play, the hit point of pingpong robot  is accurately predicted according to the first half table tennis track, and then the robot can play back. In 2018, the table tennis robot made a stunning appearance at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, winning the love of countless audiences who expressed their desire to play with him. At the same time, it also received media and industry attention. By the end of 2018, It also appeared with the table tennis queen Deng Yaping on CCTV-1 "Robot V.S. Human" program to welcome the New Year with everyone during the Ping-Pong game.

As an artificial intelligence application platform, Pongbot can be used as an open platform in the future, combined with more emerging technologies to enter more fields, promote cross-disciplinary applications, achieve more innovative values, help the construction of Shanghai's artificial intelligence highlands, and promote artificial intelligence technological development.


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