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Intelligent Robot College at Taicang Campus of XJTLU officially start construction


Last week, Taicang Campus of XJTLU held a campus opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony, the first batch colleges, Intelligent Robot College, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing College, Intellectual Ecology College, Property Financial Colleges, Property Networking College, and Cultural Science and Technology College, were jointly established by the Taicang campus of the University of Liverpool together with leading companies in various industries. Among them, the Intelligent Robot College was established by SIASUN and will carry out undergraduate robotics engineering in the future. 

Taicang Campus of XJTLU will be dedicated to exploring the cultivation of high-end talents who can manage the development of new industries in the future based on artificial intelligence and robots, and integrate general education, industry education, professional education, and management education, combining learning and practice, employment and continuing education, talent training, research and enterprise development to cultivate talents in China's high-end intelligent industries in the future. 

We will use industry practices and theoretical foundations to provide curriculum support for the Intelligent Robot College and help students to have a solid theoretical foundation to meet the needs of the industry, and provide employment opportunities for outstanding students. The advantages brought by the combination of schools and enterprises can complement, and the cultivation of high-end talents in the robot industry is accelerated, so that students can have stronger market adaptability and competitive ability to participate in the market.


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