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SIASUN CO., LTD. is the international headquarter of SIASUN Robot & Automation CO., LTD. (Stock Code: 300024, Stock Name: Robots) in Shanghai, one of the two headquarters according to its strategic layout “2+M+N”, . aiming at creating an international and innovative leading robot kingdom with the open platform as a representative in China’s robot industry, presenting Chinese robot and intelligent manufacturing technology to the whole world.

Main business of SIASUN CO., LTD. includes intelligent robots, intelligent manufacturing, and industry incubating, aiming to provide customers with all aspects of service, and founded SIASUN robotics and AI Institute, SIASUN Industry 4.0 Institute and Creatineer Incuation Platform.

The intelligent robot includes the development and manufacturing of SIASUN DUCO® cobot, Pongbot® and special robots.  SIASUN has developed the cobot series,including single-arm, dual-arm and hybrid cobot with independent intellectual property. Combing with AI, Pongbot® starts the new era of the intelligent robot. 

For the intelligent system solutions, SIASUN puts its abundant robot products and strong automation technology into full use to develop intelligent system solutions which integrates the development of core manufacturing technology, R&D on process flow and system planning, serving for domestic and foreign high-end customers.

As the first innovation&incubation platform in the robot industry, Creatineer competition has been held successfully for 4 years to provide resources like technology, market and promotions for the start-ups to help them grow better.

The headquater of SIASUN Co.,Ltd is located in JinQiao Development zone in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, covering R&D, regional and overseas sales and service. The industrial park is located in Lingang in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, it mainly focuses on pilot test and large-scale production of new intelligent robot products as well as the planning and implemention of smart factory solutions.

SIASUN was titled"High-tech Enterprise", "Special and New", "Pilot enterprise for patent", "R&D Enterprise" and won honors like "Labor Day Medal",etc., proving the R&D and management capability.

Collaborate to manufacture for the future!

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