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SIASUN automatic plane mask production line design completed


At present, all kinds of medical supplies are in short supply, especially the "weapons" masks are hard to find. Many enterprises are also faced with the dilemma of not being able to provide masks for their employees after resuming work.

As a leader in robotics, it is inescapable responsibility for us to use technology to help us through this difficult time. As the international headquarter of the SIASUN ROBOT & Automation Co., Ltd. Group in Shanghai, in accordance with the group's emergency deployment, rapidly responsed and set up a "anti-epidemic" team. With mature automation system solutions experience, they complete the SIASUN automatic plane mask production line design of the technical challengesin the shortest time  to ease the current mask supply of great pressure. In the face of the epidemic, the strength of one person is weak, but the strength of all sectors of society to act together is strong. As a member of society, SIASUN will spare no effort to continuously supplement "armor" for this national campaign, to help protect the country from the virus. We believe that not a winter will not pass, not a spring will not come. Survive the coldness to witness the spring bloom.


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