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GCR20 Collaborative robot, small size, giant use


Recently, SIASUN collaborative robot GCR20-1100 showed at the largest and most influential industrial event in Southeast Asia-- the Thailand machine tool and metalworking machinery fair (METREX) . As a screwing worker, GCR20 showed up in this largest and most influential industrial event in Southeast Asia.

The tightening operation is accomplished efficiently by mounting the tightening module and the automatic screw supply system. Due to its excellent performance of transmission torque and suitable arm span length, torque value has reached the industry-leading level.

The first impression is that the collaborative robot is different from the traditional robot, which is small and flexible, and the GCR20 as a large-payload cooperative robot, launched at the 2018 trade fair, attracted the attention of all. This is because GCR20 not only continues the multi-robot series of products small and flexible features, the weight of only 52 kg, but also can guarantee the 20 kg level of load to achieve 0.05 mm repeatable positioning accuracy. A tiny body carries a huge amount of energy.

GCR20, as a high-load robot, also has the ability to work with human. In addition, with the highly modular design, GCR20 can quickly build a series of products with different load and different working radius, and rapid configuration, greatly reducing the difficulty of operation and use.

GCR20 effectively covers all kinds of applications of cooperative robots with large loads in flexible production and consumption fields.

GCR20 screw solution

GCR20 polishing solution

Recently, GCR20-1100 also obtained novelty search certification of Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology Information (national first-class Novelty Retrieval Organization)  for technology advanced domestically, leading load level domestically.

In terms of maximum load, it can carry more weight than comparable products, and has the same degree of freedom, repeatable positioning accuracy and application scenario as domestic products.

As a new giant enterprise specialized in the sub-field of cooperative robots recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, we will stick to our original intention, serve the national strategy, continue to deepen innovation, and accelerate the distribution in frontier areas To be a good pioneer in the field of cooperative robots and add luster to China's robotics industry.


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