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2019WAIC Robot Forum successfully held! You never met robot zoo like this!


At 8:30 a.m. on August 31, 2019, in Conference Room 2 of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall, the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference International Smart Robot Frontier Summit was officially opened with the theme of "Imitate the spirit of all things and create life of wisdom", attracting crowded audience.

The summit was jointly organized by SIASUN Co., Ltd. and co-organized by Shanghai Jinqiao(Group) Co., Ltd., China Robotics Industry Alliance, American Robotics Industry Association, Shanghai Robotics Industry Technology Research Institute, Shanghai Robotics Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance and Shanghai Robotics Society.

With the experience of holding the Intelligent Robots Forum at the Artificial Intelligence Conference last year, this year's theme summit will further explore the application of artificial intelligence and robots, bringing together more authoritative experts from the top teams in the field of intelligent robots at home and abroad, and focusing on the development and application of Bionic robots to share their views on the simultaneous development and future applications of artificial intelligence and robot technology from different fields and perspectives.

The summit is divided into two parts: the robot show and the theme sharing. Professor Tian Yingzhong, director of the Department of Mechanical Automation Engineering and doctoral tutor of Shanghai University, is the host of the summit.

At the beginning of the summit, a unique robot show gave everyone a face-to-face opportunity with the "meeting pets" of this summit, allowing viewers to have a more intuitive understanding of Bionic robots, as if they were in a robot zoo.

The rainbow fish jointly developed by Shanghai Ocean University and West Lake University is the most iconic frontier technology in the marine field, leading everyone to appreciate the mystery of the deep sea; The gecko Bionic robot from the Bionics Institute of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics shows its extraordinary power to fly over the wall. On one side of the small glass, the profound technical skills are showm. Unitree technology, which has done well in the Creatineer Competition hosted by Shinsong, has brought the Laikago, who competed withspot mini fromBoston gynamics, to complete its talent show and demonstrated his lightness and flexible motion ability.

Then, Mr. Zhangjianming, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commision of Economy and Informatization, delivered the opening speech for the summit and announced the official start of the summit.

Mr Song Xiaogang, executive director of the China Robotics Industry Alliance, affirmed the significance of this summit for the future development of artificial intelligence and robots, and revealed the current stage and future development trend of the industry.

Subsequently, the summit's highlight: the five major theme report sharing officially opened. We invitedKohei Ogawa, core member ofthe top international humanoid robot research team-Hiroshi Ishiguro OSAKAteam,Cuiweicheng,China's deputy commander of"The Jiaolong" 5000 meters sea test Cuiweicheng,Li Yibin,the domestic foot robot research authority,Ma Shugen , studywith the tutelage of the snake robot research pioneer andDai Zhendong,domestic Gecko robot research leader Daizhendong. Through their own industry or industry insights, combined with the development of artificial intelligence and the robot industry, they brought their latest thinking in the field of Bionic robots, triggering positive thinking and lively interaction with the audience.

Professor Cui weicheng shared with you the history of the development of the Bionic intelligent robot fish, the key technologies involved and the future development trends

Professor Daizhendong analyzes how geckos exercise from understanding to practice.

Professor Mashugen focused on robots and AI as service starters to promote service integration and discuss the research and development opportunities of Bionic robot technology

Professor Liyibin made a report and analysis on the realization and application of robot technology for working with legs and arms

Professor Kohei Ogawa of Japan has discussed why we are studying humanoid robots on the topic of humanoid robots. What is the significance of studying humanoid robots for human society?

Questions from the audience

The summit was also reported by CCTV, CNR, Eastday and many other mainstream media.

The 2019 World Congress on Artificial Intelligence will not only promote the exchange of ideas and experience, but will also provide a platform for joint cooperation and common development. It will also deepen understanding and enhance friendship. This year's theme summit brings together more outstanding companies, experts and scholars in the field of artificial intelligence applications and robots. It discusses the integration of artificial intelligence and robotics frontier technologies and industrial applications, and advises on the development of intelligent robots.


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