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With 5G technology, robot connects the world


In 2019, the China Unicom Partner Conference opened at the Shanghai World Expo Center. SIASUN Collaborative Robots and the upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain gathered to discuss the future and 5G technology. 

In fact, the concept of industrial Internet was proposed many years ago, but until today, when mobile Internet was so popular, the proportion of equipment internet in the industrial field was still small. The main reason was that the Internet did not meet the requirements in terms of timeliness and reliability. 

In the future, smart factory can control smart equipment in the factory in real time through industrial APP with almost no delay (4G delay 0.045 seconds, 5G delay 0.001 seconds); At the same time, if two users under the same base station to communicate with each other, their data will no longer be forwarded through the base station, but will be directly to the device. The development of AR technology(Augmented Reality) will set the virtual world on the real world and interact on the screen. With AR technology and 5G technology, real-time control of intelligent devices, to report faults can be realized. At present, SIASUN has independently developed a complete set of AR technologies deployed with collaborative robots. 

AR Control Cooperative Robot 

The promotion and application of 5G technology will also promote the further development of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data technology. Behind this, the large-scale promotion and application of smart manufacturing technology based on robot technology in equipment manufacturers will also greatly shorten the time for the introduction of 5G technology. The industrialization application of 5G technology is in the experimental period and needs appropriate carrier. Based on the world's leading technology in the field of intelligent robots and industry 4.0, SIASUN will carry out the application demonstration of 5G in the field of robot cloud and realize the application of 5G + AR + collaborative robots. On the other hand, SIASUN is also using wisdom to speed up the promotion of 5G technology and help the arrival of 5G technology.


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