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SIASUN was listed on the world's


On June 29, 2019, MIT Technology Magazine "MIT Technology Review" released the list of "50 Smart Companies" in 2019 in Hangzhou. SIASUN was successfully selected as a leader in the field of robotics. 

Breaking through the key technologies of collaborative robots. It mainly includes force control, safety protection technology, real-time perception and high-precision navigation technology in dynamic non-structural environments, achieving AGV-robot arm-hand integrated control technology, behavior intention understanding and collaborative robot technology. The robot and dancer interaction was successfully demonstrated on the Pingchang Winter Olympics. 

Key words: 9m/s -All support elements are made of steel with high-strength to ensure that the robot can carry 9m/s of continuous wind speed experiments. 

The list selects the "smartest" companies that can balance technological innovation and efficient business models, based on core capabilities in emerging technologies, industry development, and the breakthroughs and innovations they create. The MIT Science and Technology Review praised SIASUN for its outstanding achievements in the world as an emerging technological innovation entreprenuer and for the changes it has brought to the world. 

As the international headquarters of SIASUN in Shanghai, SIASUN Co.,Ltd. focuses on the research and development direction of collaborative robots. Through the lightweight, high-dynamic mechanical structure design, the establishment of a precise dynamic model of flexible joints and real time dynamic feedback of actual moment information to realize force control. Therefore, the robot has the external perception, which can adapt to the changing environment, and ensures the safety of coworkers in the cooperation process. 

SIASUN collaborative robots can carve world map on 0.3 mm-thick fragile raw eggshell surfaces and ensure the integrity of the eggshell. The surfaces of each egg are also different, which requires the robot to be able to perceive every tiny change in force and adjust it. 

At the same time, SIASUN also integrates artificial intelligence technology with robots, strengthens the integration of collaborative robot technology with the intelligent application of the vision system,realizes the recognition and sorting of items based on in-depth learning, and completes the intelligent identification and position judgment of messy stacked objects. 

Based on the fusion of multiple technologies, SIASUN combined the world-renowned AGV technology with the collaborative robot technology, and the first hybrid robot in China came into being. 

At the 2019 Hannover Industrial Fair in Germany, two hybrid robots HSCR5 demonstrated the innovative technology of two-robot synchronization, using 2D laser + 3D visual system for high-precision natural outline navigation, dynamic environment avoidance and a platform-based scheduling system to realize the integrated control technology, showing the world's top hybrid robot marching coordination technology and presenting a perfect "Robot Latin", which has proved its strength and achievement in the international arena. 

In the future, SIASUN will integrate emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, and 5G, and continue to upgrade technology at the levels of in-depth learning, perception, and human-robot cooperation, making robots smarter and more like a real partner, moving the robot industry towards a broader space for development.


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