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SIASUN Cobot Partnership Global Recruitment

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Cobot (Collaborative Robot), an imaginative term, a species evolves from now to the future.

SIASUN, the name of the Founder of the Chinese Robot, the banner of “made in China”, comes from years of science struggle and sets out for the better life.

Cobot, brings the happiness in human life and work.

Happiness is the eternal pursuit of humanity. A cobot may serve you a cup of coffee when you're lying on the sofa ,and during your journey to the distance, he may prepare you delicious meal…


Your fashion clothes, beloved car, cool electronic products and even your health and safety, all these elements of happy life require the production system to achieve rapid iteration which is featured by small-batch but multi-types or even personal customized. More extensive human-machine collaboration is the mainstream to adapting to the changes of production system. Collaborative robot is ready to run for your dream.

l  Safe Robot

Cobot, with the security feature of collision detection, makes it possible to share space with human and machines, which is totally different from conventional industrial robot working in security fence, and thus achieving a major breakthrough in the application scenario of robots.

l  Easy-use Robot

Cobot, with traction demonstration, graphical programming and script programming, is much easier to use, which greatly reducing the technical barriers of operation and simplifying the tedious work of robotic applications in the past.

l  Rapid-deployment Robot

Cobot, with the lightweight design, reduces the weight of the robot to the extent that a person can easily move, which creating favorable conditions for the user's rapid deployment and flexible production.

l  Massive demanded Robot in Industry 4.0 Era 

Cobot, with rich software and hardware interfaces, efficiently connects with cloud computing devices such as peripheral devices and MES(Manufacturing Execution System), moving robots from automation to informatization and intelligentization. In the era of Industry 4.0, we can see massive demands of cobot.


ALL-Win business cooperation for Cobot

1. Cobot distributor partners Recruitment

Regardless where your company is, if you have intention to use cobot to serve your client, please hold our hands to expand your business. SIASUN will provide technical and marketing support for our distributors.


More information Connection:

Marketing Center of SIASUN

Product Marketing Team

Mr. Philo Xu

Tel: +86-021-50870608, ext:8082

Service hotline: 400-0885-288


2.Cobot industry chain partners Recruitment

If your product or business is relevant to Cobot industry chain such as industrial camera, robot gripper, robot matching tools or robot safety solutions, you are welcomed to contact us.

If you are a long-term supplier of SIASUN in the past 18 years, please cooperate with us to create professional solutions in cobot application fields. We will pack our cobots with your products or solutions and recommend your expertise and wisdom to our customers to expand the market.

SIASUN is ready to build the cobot ecology and share the huge business opportunities with you.


More information Connection:

Product Application Team

Mr. Weiling Li

Tel: +86-021-50870608, ext:8098

Service hotline: 400-0885-288



18th May, 2018